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Does your siding need an upgrade?

More than just a protective barrier, new siding can make your home aesthetically appealing. Whether you are building a new home or upgrading your existing residence, there are many siding options available in today’s market that will be sure to drastically change the dynamic of your home. 

At iHome Designs we offer a wide range of siding options guaranteed to completely change the dynamic of your home.

Signs of a damaged siding
  • Bubbled or Blistered Siding
  • Outdated Color/ Discoloration or Fading of Color
  • Cracked Siding
  • Loose or Cracked Siding
  • Your energy costs are out of control/ heating and cooling bills are too high
  • Siding is noticeably rotted
  • Siding has Mold, Fungus or Mildew
Reasons to replace your roof:
  • Increased Home Value: How much value a particular remodeling or renovation project will add to a property is called an ROI, which stands for Return on Investment. Replacing siding has a high expected ROI of almost 80%, making a siding replacement one of the most financially sound home renovation projects that you can invest in. With the equity added to your home, the actual cost of siding replacement is less than 25% of the project value.
  • Curb Appeal: A Siding Replacement also benefits by adding curb appeal, which is the very first thing the human eye sees and is very important when it comes to resale. First appearances are vital in the real estate business. It doesn’t matter how amazing and expensive your kitchen or bathroom are. Many prospective buyers won’t even enter your home to view it if your exterior and siding are old, damaged, or outdated.
  • Increased Insulation:  Many older homes were built before homeowners understood the benefits of effective insulation. In these days, through the power of the internet, homeowners are far more aware of the greater levels of comfort, the reduction of energy consumption, and the lower heating and cooling bills that good quality insulation provides.
    Replacing your home’s siding is a great way to up your insulation’s efficiency and reduce the transfer of heat and cold from the interior to the exterior. Many modern siding materials have insulation incorporated into their design. If you’re using a material that doesn’t contain insulation, then your building contractor can add in a layer of insulation before fitting the siding.
    The most important thing to look for with insulated siding panels or separate insulation materials is a high R-value. The R-value is a rating of how effectively a material can block heat transfer from one side to the other. The higher the R-value you achieve with your siding and insulation, the more effective your home will be in retaining warmth in winter and reflecting heat in summer.
  • Reduction in Home Maintenance/Repair Bills: As well as making your home look attractive, siding plays an important role in protecting your home. It’s your home’s equivalent of your skin on your body, and siding provides protection against external elements. If your siding is damaged, is poor quality, or isn’t securely attached, the structure of your home may become compromised.
    Water damage is a major problem when siding isn’t doing its job properly. Water can wreak havoc on timber, plasterboard, and electrical wiring. This exposure can mean big problems with big repair bills. It’s cheaper and safer, in the long run, to replace the siding before it allows water or moisture to permeate and trouble.
    Old or damaged siding can also be bad news for your home during storm season. Even a tiny crack or gap may allow the wind to peel siding away from the side of your home. This kind of damage can cause a domino effect, peeling many siding panels off. The panels can also become projectiles that could damage surrounding structures. Siding that has been securely and accurately fitted and is air-tight can prevent this issue from occurring.

Our Guarantee

Taking everything into consideration, the benefits that siding replacements provide are indisputable and are sure to add tremendous value to your home. With our Lifetime Warranty, worrying becomes a thing of the past making the choice very clear.

  • Lifetime Material Warranty
  • 15 Year Labor Warranty

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