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Why go with pavers?

No matter the project you have in mind, pavers are the perfect choice. From a wonderful patios, to peaceful, scenic walkways and elegant, durable driveways, pavers are the material that look pristine and last for years to come. 

Signs of a damaged Pavers
  • Pavers easily moving- An unstable base is always a cause for concern
  • Cracks- While pavers are very durable, they are by no means indestructible. It is important to address issues before they expand.
  • Sinking Pavers- Similar to Pavers easily moving, we have also seen pavers sink on so many different occasions. This is a huge cause for concern that presents a massive safety hazard.

Benefits of selecting pavers

  • Very Easy to Repair: Paving stones that are used for a driveway are easy to replace and repair as needed since you only have to take individual sections out at a time. In the case of earthquakes pavers may shift and are easy to readjust versus alternatives like concrete or asphalt. In case of pipes broken underneath, it’s easy to remove pavers in that section and replace them accordingly.
  • Adjust with the change in seasons: Imagine using a material that is so worry free it can actually adjust with the thaw and frost cycle and other seasonal changes so the surface stays durable and beautiful for years? This flexibility is unlike like any other material providing for another clear benefit.
  • Amazing Curb Appeal: Whether you plan on selling your home or you want your home to be the talk of the neighborhood, a front walkway or porch is made all the more striking with pavers that come in a variety of amazing colors, textures and sizes. Pavers increase your home’s value because the money spent on any project goes straight to your equity, unlike concrete.
  • Extremely Durable: Concrete pavers are built and designed to be extremely durable and can withstand pressure up to 8,000 psi typically and/or the weight of several cars.
  • Slip and Skid Resistant: There’s no need to worry about guests, elderly relatives or even pets falling on this sturdy material that makes sure you’ve always got a solid footing to stand on.
    Upgrading to pavers is the right choice for a number of great reasons. This is the worry free material that looks great, will last for years to come and can even increase your property value.
  • Wide Range of Color Designs: Mixing and matching all the possible different combinations will give you a unique drive or patio every time. The different ways you can put paving stones together are limited only by your imagination.
  • Made to last a lifetime: Being made from a fine and course aggregate means that pavers are tough enough to outlast most other materials. Under the right circumstances, they can last for as long as your homes does. They are in fact five times stronger than concrete.

Our Guarantee: 

The walkway or driveway that leads into your home should be both a personal statement and a reflection of your good taste. We guarantee that our materials will stand up to the weather, look great for years at a time and not be a burden with the costly, involved maintenance other type of materials assume. 
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