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Is it time to replace your chimney?

Signs of a damaged chimney
  • Cracks and Wear
  • Damaged Mortar Joints
  • Spalling Bricks
  • Leaks (potential flashing issues)
Reasons to replace/Repair your chimney
  • Cracks to your Chimney structure let the weather elements in: If your chimney is made of brick, repairs to the structure may be needed to keep it strong and stable. After years of heating and varying weather temperatures, the structure can deteriorate and cracks begin to develop. An inspection can offer a detailed analysis of your masonry and recommend repairs to keep your chimney strong and structurally sound.
  • Prevent further damages: Whether it be for water related or structure related reasons (chimney leaning), putting off damages always yields to further damages down the road, and subsequently more money being spent. Putting off a repair/replacement can cause you thousands of dollars more to repair water damages done to the inside of your home. Putting off a repair/replacement for a leaning chimney is also very dangerous because the chimney will eventually collapse as its base is not stable enough to support the rest of the structure. This presents a very serious hazard and should be dealt with immediately.
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